FDA Clears Smiths Medical CADD®-Solis Pain Pump

Device manufacturer Smiths Medical has received US FDA 510(k) clearance to market its CADD®-Solis pain management system version 3.0 with Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) and Patient Controlled Analgesics (PCA) delivery. The new customizable, infusion system will help healthcare providers overcome challenges in maintaining effective epidural analgesia during labor and delivery or with post-operative pain management.


Epidural analgesia has traditionally been provided to patients using a pump that delivers manual bolus injections from a clinician, continuous infusions, or intermittent doses of medication controlled by the patient. All of these techniques can result in inconsistent and/or ineffective pain relief, as well as frequent clinician interventions.

Smiths Medical says its CADD®-Solis ambulatory infusion system is a state-of-the-art pain management system that meets industry recognized standards for advanced error-reduction features in PCA pumps. The CADD®-Solis pump and medication safety software promotes patient safety, patient care, and future scalable connectivity that is designed to grow with evolving clinical and technology needs. The platform is designed for nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists and other hospital personnel involved in pain management infusion therapy who want the confidence of knowing they are delivering the highest level of patient care, with the most advanced combination of SMART medication delivery safety, mobility, versatility and reliability.

PIB medication delivery, using the CADD®-Solis v3.0 system, consistently administers programmed intermittent boluses that can be supplemented by patient-controlled doses.

Company comments

“The new CADD®-Solis system with PIB and PCA combines programmed intermittent boluses and patient-controlled doses in an integrated, innovative delivery system,” said Tommy Johns, Vice President Global Product Management. “The PIB programming parameters and the delivery pressure provided by the CADD®-Solis system offer flexible drug delivery and reliable distribution of medication, which can help overcome some of the challenges associated with epidural analgesia.”

Source: Smiths Medical, Business Wire

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