First Ultrasound-Guided Spinal Anesthesia Device to Launch at ASA Annual Bash

Rivanna Medical will be launching its FDA-cleared Accuro™ device at the ASA annual meeting in San Diego, Oct. 24-28, 2015 and has started manufacturing, says a new press release from the company.


Rivanna Medical’s Accuro is a handheld and untethered smart-phone-sized device that is designed to guide spinal anesthesia with automated 3D navigation technology. This makes it the world’s first ultrasound system designed specifically for spinal anesthesia guidance. In addition the device is intended for ultrasound imaging of abdominal, musculoskeletal, cardiac and peripheral vascular anatomies. It is designed to provide automated 3D navigation to an anatomical target so a clinician may avoid “guessing” where the target is. The initial commercial application of RIVANNA’s Accuro™ platform is designed for guiding clinicians to a first-attempt success in administering spinal anesthesia into the epidural space.

Company comments

“There are numerous clinical uses for Accuro™, which is designed to be a disruptive, game-changing platform technology,” said John A. Williams, President and CEO. “The Accuro™ platform, based on automated 3D navigation, has an addressable $1+ billion U.S. market today. Because of the considerable unmet clinical need for automated image guidance in general, and in the spinal anesthesia market especially, we are looking forward to launching Accuro™ at the upcoming annual scientific meeting of the ASA in less than three months.”

Source: Rivanna Medical

Rivanna Medical’s Accuro™ product is 

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