First-in-Man Study Of Dallen Medical Compressyn™ Band Sternal Closure Device

Dallen Medical, an emerging medical device company, has announced that the first three patients have been treated using its proprietary Compressyn™ Band sternal closure device.


Dallen Medical specialises in the development of optimized bone fixation and repair technologies and devices. The company’s mission is to provide significant improvements in rigid fixation-with-compression solutions over current devices. The company’s underlying principle is to follow the AO route of achieving reduction, stable fixation, blood supply and early mobilisation, which it has carried through into the design of its sternal closure offering.

The first Compressyn device used for stabilization and rigid fixation following open heart procedures was performed by Dr. Joseph Wilson of Eisenhower Medical Center. “This marks the initiation of the Compressyn Band, a technology that I believe can potentially deliver ‘plate-like’ fixation with the speed and ease of use like sternal wires,” stated Wilson.

Company comments

According to David Mills, President and CEO of Dallen Medical, “We are very pleased with the progress of the Compressyn technology, and believe this milestone moves Dallen closer to the commercial release of the Compressyn Band.”

Source: Dallen Medical Inc., Business Wire