Research Suggests Coronary Stents Market Worth $5.61 Billion by 2020

Market research aggregator has added 3 coronary stents market research reports published in November 2014 to its library.

Background is an online database of market research reports and in-depth studies of over 5000 micro markets. By pulling together a selection of current market research sources, the company clearly hopes to tap into demand from companies and investors seeking an insight into the market.

In a press release to publicize its offerings, RnR points to rapid advances in the field of interventional cardiology along with the development of minimally invasive techniques, which it says have greatly expanded the potential for coronary stents, including bare metal, drug-eluting, covered and bio absorbable iterations. It characterizes the global coronary stents market as a dynamic, double-digit market that is saturated with numerous players developing innovative technologies.

The new titles, offered for sale by this online syndicator of research reports are: Coronary Stents – Current and Future Players, Coronary Stents – US Analysis and Market Forecasts and Coronary Stents – EU Analysis and Market Forecasts.

So what do you get for the money?

Coronary Stents – Current and Future Players: At $3350 per single user licence this report details the competitive landscape, which consists of large, mid-size, and small companies that have developed different types of coronary stents to target various coronary indications, such as de novo lesions, AMI, STEMI, SVD, and bifurcation lesions. It helpfully says the coronary stents market is largely dominated by a few key players, including Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic, followed by Biosensors International and Terumo Corporation.

Coronary Stents – US Analysis and Market Forecasts: A bit more beefy at $4450 per single user licence this report says that the coronary stent market will increase in the future. By 2020, the coronary stents market for BMS and DES is estimated to be over $5.61 billion. This report helps understand the trends shaping and driving the US Coronary Stents market.

Coronary Stents – EU Analysis and Market Forecasts: At a mere $4450 per single user licence, this report predicts an overall negative CAGR of 0.5% over the forecast period from 2011-2020. Similar to the US, the DES market in the EU has the largest share, where the DES market is four times that of the BMS market. One report, from GlobalData, believes that the DES market will grow slowly due to the improved outcomes, the development of low-profile systems and the next generation of DES, and cost-savings due to the reduced need for repeat intervention. It discusses the EU’s “strong dependency on reimbursement”, which it says can vary between nations. It helpfully then states that “German reimbursement has generally been strong for medical devices”….whatever that means….and “has been less of a problem”….whatever that means. Presumably, in plain English, that means devices get reimbursed more readily in Germany than in other countries. 

The PR puff concludes with a list of the numerous market drivers for growth, which include:

  • Rising Prevalence of Disease”,
  • Increasing utility of stents in “challenging coronary indications”,
  • “Innovations in stent technology”
  • “Development of Bioabsorbable Stents”
  • “Reduced the need for prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy
  • “Potential Cost Savings” (presumably by using stenting rather than traditional open coronary artery surgery)
  • “Use of Imaging Modalities for Accurate Stent Placement”
  • “Adoption of Stents in the Emerging Markets”


and finally, the barriers to growth, particularly in U.S and Japan, which include:

  • Concerns regarding overstenting
  • Post-ProceduraI complications of Drug-Eluting stenting
  • Risk of Perioperative Adverse Cardiac Events Post-Stenting
  • Slow Adoption of Bioabsorbable Stents
  • Lack of Reimbursement
  • Healthcare Cost-Cutting and Reimbursement
  • Availability of Venture Capital and Medical Device Excise Tax

Source: RnR Market Research, PR Newswire

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