Transcatheter Technologies Adds Transfemoral Approach to Trinity TAVI System

German TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implant) developer, Transcatheter Technologies GmbH, has expanded the Trinity technology platform, adding a version deliverable via the transfemoral route to its  current transapical offering.


Transcatheter Technologies positions itself as the purveyor of what it calls a third generation TAVI system. Given that TAVI has only been around for a few years, that’s quite a claim, but the company resolutely points to the fact that its system can be repositioned to a greater degree than its competitors. Unlike currently marketed TAVI systems, the Trinity aortic valve can be positioned precisely or even repositioned after full implantation in a safe manner. Trinity’s TAVI offering also features a unique sealing cuff, which the company claims continues to provide outstanding results without Paravalvular Leakage, that well-known and frequent complication of TAVI. Furthermore, the risk of atrio-ventricular (AV) block has been essentially alleviated because of the supra-annular anchoring of the Trinity valve.

In September of this year, Transcatheter Technologies disclosed at the ‘TCT 2014’ scientific meeting the successful one-year follow-up results of its “truly repositionable” Trinity transapical TAVI system, which is now to be joined by a transfemoral offering. 

If you’re interested and based ion the United States, you’ll have to form an orderly queue however, the device being neither approved for sale nor investigational use at this time.

Company comments

“We will expand our platform technology with a transfemoral system to complete our truly repositionable Trinity TAVI system. The transfemoral Trinity system will have the same features as our transapical system,” said Wolfgang Goetz, M.D., Ph.D., CEO, a cardiac surgeon who has used many of the currently marketed TAVI systems. “The tremendous advantage of Trinity is that even when the valve is completely expanded and anchored above the annulus—unlike currently marketed TAVI systems—the Trinity valve may still be repositioned, retrieved, or kept in the same position. This feature is absolutely unique to Trinity and the reason why we have positioned Trinity as the Third-Generation TAVI System.”

Source: Transcatheter Technologies GmbH, Business Wire

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