Balloon Goes Up as SMART Medical Systems Partners Endo Technology with Pentax Medical

Israeli device company, SMART Medical Systems Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of innovative endoscopy products, has announced a strategic alliance with PENTAX Medical, an industry leader in endoscopic imaging. Under the alliance, SMART’s novel G-EYE™ balloon technology will be integrated on PENTAX Medical’s full HD+ colonoscopes, and will be distributed by PENTAX Medical in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Up to 40%  of polyps and adenomas are thought to be missed during conventional colonoscopy, a number that SMART Medical Systems claims its G-EYE™ endoscope can reduce. G-EYE provides enhanced visualization of the colon, and has shown in recent clinical studies to enable significant increase in polyp and adenoma detection alongside considerable reduction in polyp and adenoma miss-rate, compared with conventional colonoscopy.

The principle is another one of those simple but effective ideas: The G-EYE endoscope is a conventional colonoscope with SMART’s proprietary balloon permanently integrated. Controlled Withdrawal™ of the G-EYE endoscope with the balloon moderately inflated flattens colon folds, straightens lumen topography, centralizes the optical image and reduces bowel slippage, altogether increasing detection yield. Once polyp is detected, balloon anchoring in the colon facilitates fast and accurate polyp removal.

The G-EYE endoscope was formally launched at the recent United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW), held in Berlin, Germany. The commercial G-EYE model, based on the PENTAX i10 Full HD+ colonoscope, was demonstrated in the PENTAX Medical booth at the associated UEGW exhibition.

Company comments

“Partnering with PENTAX Medical is an ultimate way for us to bring the G-EYE colonoscopy solution to the market,” said Gadi Terliuc, Founder and CEO of SMART. “Our mission is to provide the GI specialists with the most advanced endoscopy device so that they can provide the best possible care to their patients. PENTAX Medical, as a market leader in the endoscopy field, can make the G-EYE a widely available product and a new standard of care in colonoscopy.”

Source: SMART Medical Systems Ltd., PR Newswire


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