PENTAX Medical Launches its Highest Resolution Ever Endoscopes

Imaging specialist, PENTAX Medical Company, has announced the U.S. and Canadian launch of PENTAX Medical i10 Series HD+ Endoscopes, devices that claim to provide the highest resolution HD images ever available for colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures that screen for and treat GI disorders.


PENTAX Medical says its i10 Series of HD+ Endoscopes provide vivid and detailed images from inside the colon and GI tract for close visualization, image enhancement and high clarity detailed examination of mucosa for improved patient outcomes. These endoscopes have enhanced therapeutic features including larger instrument channels, slimmer outer diameter scopes, and shorter bending sections. The endoscopes also feature an innovative, lighter, and ergonomic control for greater physician comfort.

The new PENTAX Medical i10 Series HD+ Endoscopes are designed with next generation imaging features such as 140-degree Effective Field of View (EFOV™), for optimization of full frame brightness, resolution and minimized edge distortion. The new CloseFocus™ Examination Range feature allows physicians to get as close as 2mm from the mucosa for even greater magnification and detail evaluation. When combined with the company’s proprietary PENTAX i-SCAN™ digital, post-processing image enhancement technology, the PENTAX Medical Premium GI Endoscope Systems provide an unprecedented enhanced view of the texture of the mucosal surface and blood vessels.

The announcement was made as thousands of gastroenterologists and other health care professionals from around the world convene this week in Philadelphia, PA for the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) 78th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Company comments

“Our newest series of endoscopes represent the most advanced technology the industry has to offer the endoscopist,” said David Woods, President of PENTAX Medical, Americas. “With these and other solutions, PENTAX Medical continues to focus on delivering technology and services that can help clinicians and hospitals provide better patient care with the highest quality and clinical and economic value.”

Source: PENTAX Medical 

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