Teleflex Launches Rusch® DispoLED™ Laryngoscope Handle

Teleflex Inc. has announced the launch of the Rusch® DispoLED™ Single-Use Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle, which it claims is a cost-neutral way to combat cross-contamination infection risk during intubation.


Single-use anesthesia products have played an increasingly important role in clinicians’ practice since the October 2011 publication of Joint Commission laryngoscope cleaning guidelines. The Rusch DispoLED Laryngoscope Handle is the latest addition to Teleflex’s broad offering and features sturdy construction, ergonomic grip, and optimal light output for intubation, all designed to inspire clinician confidence during critical procedures.

Teleflex says the disposability of its new device helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate the hidden costs associated with reusable products.

The Rusch DispoLED Laryngoscope Handle is sterile packaged individually in a preformed tray to protect the integrity of the light source and preloaded batteries and has a 3-year shelf life.

The Rusch DispoLED Handle joins an already extensive line of disposable laryngoscopes, including Green Rusch Lite™ Laryngoscope Blades, each offering the performance of reusable products, while reducing the risk for cross contamination.

Company comments

“We believe no one should be concerned about cross-contamination during intubation,” said Cary Vance, President, Teleflex Anesthesia and Respiratory. “This technology is designed to help remove the financial barrier to reducing the risk of cross-contamination during intubation and focus instead on improving patient safety.”

“This disposable handle exemplifies our commitment to meet the ever-evolving practices of the modern healthcare community,” said Vance. “The cost of adopting this single-use handle is typically offset by the costs associated with the cleaning, sterilization and handling of reusable laryngoscope handles between patients.”

Source: Teleflex, Inc., PR Newswire

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