Aesculap’s Caiman® 5 Seal and Cut Vessel Sealer Line Extension

Aesculap, Inc. has expanded its Caiman® 5 Seal and Cut Technology offering with two additional lengths (24cm and 44cm) added to its Caiman 5mm vessel sealer device range.


Caiman Seal and Cut Technology consists of dedicated bipolar electrosurgical instruments intended for use in general surgery and gynecologic surgical procedures where ligation and division of vessels is desired. The instruments create a seal by the application of bipolar electrosurgical RF energy (coagulation) to vascular structure (vessels) interposed between the jaws of the device. A cutting blade is actuated for the division of tissue.

Aesculap claims the Caiman’s novel hinged-jaw design and extended jaw offers unparalleled benefits for a broad range of procedures in the areas of gynecology, general and urologic surgery.The system was developed to address the challenges that come with traditional vessel sealing devices, particularly the variety of addressable tissue thicknesses. Caiman’s proprietary hinged jaw is designed to provide uniform pressure distribution across the surface of the tissue, resulting in a clean and consistent seal.

Physician comments 

“Caiman has become my primary tool for vessel sealing,” stated Dr. Robert Pollard of MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. “I trust its reliability and ease of use.”

 Company comments

“Surgeons were impressed with the initial product launch of the Caiman 5 and its high quality seal, 26.5mm jaw and the ability to use the device as a tool for grasping and blunt dissection, all of which supports a more efficient procedure,” said Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap, Inc. “With the launch of the 24cm and 44cm lengths, surgeons can continue to utilize the same features for open surgery and additional laparoscopic procedures.”

Source: Aesculap, Inc. 

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