FDA Clears Microline’s Flexible Ligating Shears

In short

Microline Surgical, Inc., a leading manufacturer of reposable instruments for minimally invasive surgery, has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Flexible Ligating Shears, enabling surgeons to effectively cut and seal soft tissue.

The company says the novel flexible nature of the device promises new ways to utilize advanced energy across a wide range of transluminal and other advanced modes of surgical access.


Until now no cutting devices have offered surgeons full deflection for soft tissue cutting and sealing, most surgical instruments articulating in one direction or another or rotating rigidly.

Based on Microline’s MiFusion DC resistive direct thermal fusion technology, the Flexible Ligating Shears is the only cut and seal device featuring a flexible cable that allows surgeons to gain access to areas of the body through a host of conduits which can benefit from small, catheter based technology. With the Flexible Ligating Shears surgeons can twist and turn down convoluted pathways in the body and position the jaws at virtually any angle to perform an effective tissue seal.

Microline’s Flexible Ligating Shears were designed by the company for use with TransEnterix’s SPIDER® Surgical Platform, a system of flexible articulating channels through which surgeons can simultaneously use multiple instruments to perform laparoscopic procedures through a single small incision.

Company comments

“This collaborative effort between Microline and TransEnterix is a significant development that can accelerate the rapidly growing field of laparoscopy,” said Microline Executive Chairman Dr. Jean-Luc Boulnois. “Now, and in the future, surgeons will increasingly need transformative technologies that can help them deliver optimal patient outcomes with fewer costly complications and the Flexible Ligating Shears are well-positioned to assist in this effort.”

Source: Microline Medical, Inc., Business Wire