Hernia Mesh Fixation Glue Gains CE Mark

Leeds, UK-based MIS device company Surgical Innovations Group plc, has announced that the cyanoacrylate adhesive device for hernia mesh fixation, developed for Advanced Medical Solutions Group Plc, under the terms of a Development and Pre-Supply Agreement entered into in September 2011, has now received CE approval.


Hernia mesh fixation has been the subject of much discussion over the years, the surgical goal of achieving security in the desired location being balanced against the need to avoid restricting patient movement post-operatively. The accurate, laparoscopic application of adhesives to attach hernia meshes is expected to reduce surgical complications, in particular the potential pain associated with the use of tacks and staples, thereby improving the patient experience and reducing healthcare costs overall.

The newly CE marked device, branded and marketed by AMS as LiquiBand® Fix 8™, can accurately deliver individual drops of cyanoacrylate adhesive internally within the body, giving the surgeon precision and control for the first time.

Company comments

Graham Bowland, Chief Executive Officer of Surgical Innovations, commented: “The CE approval is further testament to the innovative talent and ability within the SI design team. Once again SI has demonstrated its core competency of developing laparoscopic instrumentation to meet the clinical need. SI remains committed to providing AMS with the required clinical support to ensure the successful adoption of LiquiBand® Fix 8™.”

Source: Surgical Innovations, plc.

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