MEDICA 2017 Sees Launch of Single-Use Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction

Single Use Surgical will be unveiling a pioneering single-use Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction at MEDICA 2017 in a few weeks.


Based in Cardiff, UK, Single Use Surgical specialise in identifying difficult-to-clean surgical equipment and offering high quality, alternative single use solutions. Their ethos is to produce instruments that are sterile, efficient and manufactured to the highest standards, all carefully designed to put patients first and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Single Use Surgical was established in 2001 as a direct response to UK hospitals’ concerns over the cleaning practices involving fine lumen instruments, and how it posed a high risk of cross contamination between patients. Since then, they have developed the widest range of high quality and specialist single-use suctions, capturing the same look, feel and functionality as the reusable equivalent. The company says its suctions have been well received globally and the company’s customer base continues to grow rapidly in many markets around the world.

Unlike many other disposable instruments, Single Use Surgical manufacture their products with stainless steel tubes rather than aluminium; a factor that has helped them to become aleading single-use medical device specialists. Their range spans into many specialities including ENT, head and neck, gynaecology, laparoscopy, general and vascular surgery.

Developed by UK specialist Single Use Surgical, the new device is designed to help surgeons improve performance and outcomes during a range of procedures. It improves visibility at the surgical site during submucosal diathermy(SMD), turbinectomy and breast surgery. Furthermore, it offers a unique combination of precise cauterisation and targeted suction helping to remove surgically generated smoke and reduce the risks associated with reprocessing a reusable monopolar device.

Company comments

Export Manager, Michael Denver, said: “The launch of this pioneering device means there is no need for separate suction. This prevents crowding the surgical site in smaller, harder to reach areas. It also offers targeted and effective smoke extraction and being single-use, means it reduces the risks associated with cross contamination and unintentional patient burns from damaged insulation.”

MEDICA 2017 is taking place from 13th to 16th November. Throughout the show Single Use surgical will be located in hall 16 stand 16 F42.

Source: Single Use Surgical

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