neoClose® Device Sees Indications Expand to Include Bigger Port-Site Incisions

neoSurgical Inc. says it has expanded its neoClose® product offerings to include port site incisions up to 30mm (3cm), which may include bariatric, colorectal and cholecystectomy Lap surgeries.


We’ve covered the neoClose® device before, most recently at the beginning of March when it hit the 8000 patient landmark in the U.S. Now the system, which rather cleverly avoids the risk of port site herniation, has seen its range expand to cover  closure of port site incisions from 5mm to 30mm (3cm) in length.

neoClose® works by the use of a Vector X closure, approximating the tissue together and tying into place for a secure closure with up to 75% less tension compared to standard closed loop suture.

Company comments

“Surgeons in hospitals across the United States now have the opportunity to perform the gamut of standard laparoscopic surgeries using our neoClose® device,” said Barry Russell, CEO of neoSurgical. “The reason that neoClose® is being adopted so rapidly by Lap surgeons is because of the demonstrated clinical superiority of neoClose® versus standard of care techniques for closing port sites — a decades-old standard, by the way, that must be recast in order to improve patient outcomes and safety.”

Source: neoSurgical, Inc.

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