RTI Biologics® Sees Launch And First Use Of Fortiva™ Porcine Dermis In Hernia

Implant company RTI Biologics Inc. has launched its Fortiva™ porcine dermis implant at the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) Conference in Washington, D.C., June 6-8. RTI claims this implant positions it as the only provider with a comprehensive biologic solutions portfolio for use in hernia repair procedures.


Fortiva porcine dermis is a non-crosslinked acellular porcine dermal matrix intended for use as a soft tissue patch to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists and for the surgical repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue membranes. The implant is indicated for use in repairing hernias and/or body wall defects that require the use of reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical outcome.

Usefully, Fortiva porcine dermis is ready-to-use, requiring no rehydration or rinsing. It’s been well thought through in general, featuring a temperature indicator for quick indication of proper storage, rounded corners for ease of suturing and consistent thickness. The implant is available in a broad array of sizes, including 35×35 cm, which represents the largest biologics graft available today.

Fortiva porcine dermis is sterilized through RTI’s Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process, a validated chemical sterilization process that thoroughly penetrates tissue, removing antigenicity and inactivating pathogens. Terminal sterilization using low dose gamma irradiation achieves a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6.

The milestone for RTI came in May when the product saw its first patient. A 10x16cm graft was used for an incisional hernia repair using a component separation technique. Due to the optimal handling characteristics of the implant, the surgeon and his staff commented that the graft was easier to suture than other implants they have utilized previously, which saved time during surgery.

Company comments

“The launch of Fortiva porcine dermis is a major milestone for RTI, as we now offer surgeons the most comprehensive biologic solutions in hernia repair from a provider they trust,” said Brian K. Hutchison, RTI president and CEO. “Surgeons know our company’s history of reliability and safety. Fortiva gives surgeons the strength, sterility, remodeling and revascularization, and efficiency they are looking for.”

Source: RTI Biologics, Inc., Business Wire