Surgical Innovations Hosts UK’s First International ‘Ultra’ MIS Congress

Surgical Innovations (SI), the UK-based designer and manufacturer of  Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS) devices, hosted its first ever international ‘Ultra’ MIS congress on Friday October 25th. Surgeons attended the event from across the UK and Europe.


The Ultra-MIS event was so-called in recognition of the even less invasive nature of the discipline compared with the now traditional laparoscopic surgery. The aim is to reduce scarring, minimise trauma to the abdominal wall and reduce post-operative pain, all of which can lead to faster patient recovery.

SI has developed and launched an innovative range of ‘Ultra’ MIS devices which allow the possibility of performing many traditional laparoscopic procedures using 3mm ports, instruments and retraction. SI reckons its 3mm product range can provide significant clinical and cosmetic benefits for patients with minimal change in operating technique.

Last week’s congress brought together leading 3mm clinicians in a unique forum providing an opportunity to debate the future of 3mm laparoscopic surgery, with SI’s design and development team. These key clinical opinion leaders presented on and discussed the use of 3mm instrumentation in multiple specialties, including general, paediatric, urology and veterinary surgery.

In addition to discussion sessions, SI arranged a series of practical workshops providing surgeons ‘hands-on’ experiences with SI’s latest advancements in 3mm instrumentation.

Company comments

Katherine Sloggett, Clinical Support Manager, who organised the event, said: “SI is proud to be working together with national and international surgeons to drive the future of 3mm devices. We strongly believe that ‘Ultra’ MIS will be a key driver in the future of laparoscopy and that we have the high level of design and engineering talent at SI needed to stay at the forefront of the 3mm market.”

Professor Mike McMahon, Chair of Surgical Innovations Clinical Advisory Board, said: “The 3mm clinical workshop has given us the opportunity to discuss products and ideas openly with a group of eminent surgeons from across the UK and Europe. We are delighted with the outcome of these discussions; not only were our ideas wholeheartedly endorsed by all the surgeons but we also received interesting suggestions for future additions to the range. We are confident that we have a truly unique range of instruments to offer surgeons and patients for this new field of ‘Ultra’ MIS. It is a very exciting time for Surgical Innovations.”

Due to the popularity of the event a second surgical congress has been arranged for Friday 8th November 2013. It will also be held at Surgical Innovations head office in Leeds.

Source: Surgical Innovations, Inc.