Surgical Innovations Shows Value Of University Partnership

In short

UK MIS device company Surgical Innovations(SI) has successfully completed two Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) collaborations with both the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford, which the company says will help them to optimise their range of laparoscopic surgery devices.


The two year KTP scheme with University graduates Tae Zar Lwin and Giles Meakin has enabled SI to utilise the knowledge, technology and skills residing in both Universities to introduce new manufacturing processes and realise new product designs.

The KTPs have engendered a close working relationship between SI and the Universities helping drive innovation in industry with both associates keen to fly the flag for UK based design and manufacture.

Of the schemes, one has been involved with the successful introduction of injection-moulding and use of  polymers in SI’s design and manufacturing portfolio. The other focused on optimising the Logi™Cut laparoscopic scissors, resulting in investment in a new scissor press at the company.

University Comments

Dr Leigh Mulvaney-Johnson, Lecturer and Researcher in polymer materials and processing technologies, said: “The KTP has developed the knowledge of all parties through the specific nature of the laparoscopic application and there has been a significant development in the research interests of the polymer IRC research group with some of the materials that have been employed through the KTP activity. The KTP is an excellent basis for engaging industry with academia and developing individuals through structured training who will become embedded within the industrial organisation and form part of its future.”

Professor Anne Neville, Director of Institute of iETSI at the University of Leeds, School of Mechanical Engineering, said, “KTP is able to provide a mutually beneficial solution for all involved. We have worked with SI to transfer the required knowledge and skills from the University and from this, helped to establish a new capability in the company. The University has benefited from the interaction with SI, being able to apply our skills and technology to the specialist medical device industry. This is our first time collaborating with SI professionally and it has been a great success.”

Company comments

Graham Bowland, Chief Executive Officer of SI, said, “I am proud that Surgical Innovations is partnered with great institutions such as the University of Leeds and University of Bradford allowing us to draw on the skills and expertise available. Such collaborations underpin the philosophy behind the Leeds City Region’s Business, Innovation and Growth strategy, to drive economic growth through enhanced relationships and knowledge sharing with Universities, hospitals and other regional MedTech businesses.”

Source: Surgical Innovations plc.