Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit “will be the largest product liability settlement in history”

One of the legal companies fighting on behalf of victims of transvaginal mesh problems, Legal-Bay LLC, tells us that a Federal Jury in West Virginia has awarded a husband and wife $3.27 million in damages. As reported by Bloomberg News the jury found against Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson’s mesh product division in what is another loss for transvaginal mesh manufacturers.


Legal Bay is no doubt rubbing its hands together as the number of winning trials mounts. The company says it had predicted that there would be 100K cases filed, and according to court records, between all of the manufactures, that number has now been eclipsed. In fact, J&J has recently reported in corporate filings that they face over 30K lawsuits themselves. Legal-Bay is also assisting women who have had recent complications with transvaginal mesh and bladder sling products and is offering free legal consultation from a transvaginal mesh lawyer or mesh law firm.

To date, only Boston Scientific has been successful in winning more bellwether trials than losses with two winning trials in Massachusetts over the summer. Regardless, Legal-Bay is still of the belief that the transvaginal mesh settlement will be the largest product liability settlement in history topping the recent DePuy hip litigation when it is all said and done.

When it comes to payment, plaintiffs have no idea when they will see any money, Legal Bay saying it looks like in most cases clients will not see any settlement funds until 2015 at the earliest.

Legalist comments

Patty Kirby, Head of Client Relations at Legal-Bay, commented on the mesh litigation, “It is not surprising that we are now seeing more and more cases being filed, however, what is disappointing is that there is no end in sight for financial relief for so many women victims. Other than one settlement, most of the major settlement talks have stalled according to our sources. And amazingly, Ethicon seems content with fighting their claims through the courts even though they have not been successful in most of their trials to date.”

Source: Legal Bay LLC, PR Newswire

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