How Clean is Your Instrument? New System Offers Close-Up Inspection Capability

Sanovas, Inc., has announced that its MicroCam Inc. subsidiary has commenced commercialization of the MicroCam™ System, delivering the capability to inspect medical devices with a new level of image clarity.


Branded the Flexible Inspection Scope under an OEM agreement with Healthmark Industries, the new system is launched in the wake of recent headlines about infections related to inadequately reprocessed medical devices.

The MicroCam System represents an entirely new concept in medical imaging that has not been possible, until now. It takes the form of a highly integrated platform of proprietary micro optics, electronics and software.

The plug-and-play capabilities of the 3mm-diameter, MicroCam System enable it to be sold as an OEM product as well as a branded MicroCam product, which MicroCam Inc. is pursuing simultaneously with its OEM strategy.

Company comments

“MicroCam is paving the way for a paradigm shift in minimally invasive surgery toward multimodal imaging methods, linearly integrated medical devices, and natural orifice surgery,” says Larry Gerrans, co-founder, president and CEO of Sanovas, and inventor of the MicroCam system. “MicroCam’s small-diameter plug-and-play optics represent a highly disruptive leap in technology, cost, and portability. This is a unique platform solution whose time has come. The technology will, most certainly, evolve the interventional capabilities in the existing market and expand the growth of minimally invasive surgery to nearly 3.1 billion patients in the emerging markets.”

“Sophisticated modern surgical instruments, such as endoscopes, have revolutionized surgery, of course. But they are very difficult to clean,” says Ralph Basile, vice president of marketing for Healthmark Industries. “The Sanovas MicroCam lets us inspect medical devices, such as endoscopes, with clarity of image that heretofore was not possible with affordable technology.”

Source: Sanovas, Inc.

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