HIMSS Congress Sees Launch of SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System

It’s the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 Annual Conference and Exhibition this week in Orlando, FL. Medical device integration solutions company Capsule Tech, Inc., is using the event to announce the introduction of its SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System (MDIS).


SmartLinx is touted by Capsule Tech as the industry’s first MDIS. The system was developed with the goal of connecting medical devices into an integrated system that not only provides connectivity with electronic medical records (EMRs) and other information systems, but also delivers monitoring, management, and analysis of real-time patient data.

The end result is a combination of what the company calls “powerful surveillance tools and actionable information”, which it says will enable clinicians to recognize the signs of a patient’s physiological deterioration and take immediate action before the onset of adverse events, or even mortality.

Attendees at this week’s HIMSS event can enjoy product demonstrations at the event.

Company comments

“In launching SmartLinx, Capsule is addressing recurring requests from healthcare organizations to do more with their medical device data – to provide early identification and notification of patient deterioration and sepsis detection, and to help them better manage the life of their connected devices, among a number of capabilities,” said Stuart Long, Capsule’s chief marketing and sales officer. “Unlike the laboratory, cardiology, radiology and other various types of hospital information systems that are comprised of a system of components that manage and provide a variety of services for their users, medical devices are not managed as a system, yet they provide the most accurate, real-time feed of a patient’s vital signs and other critical biometric data. By taking these devices from just moving data to enabling real-time surveillance and useful analysis of the data, the impact on the quality and cost of care is profound.”

Source: Capsule Tech, Inc. PR Newswire

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