Medica Debut for Combined Biosensor and Biochip Technology that Improves Virus Detection

The annual medtechfest that is the Medica exhibition takes place next week (details here), so expect a few press releases from companies eager to attract the attention of visitor and browser alike. One such, OJBio Ltd., will be using attendance at Medica to showcase the latest developments in its biosensor platform technology for the rapid point of care diagnosis of infectious diseases.


OJBio is a joint venture between Orla Protein Technologies Ltd and Japan Radio Company Ltd (JRC). The collaboration has resulted in a combination of specialist protein-based biosensor materials with advanced electronics to create innovative new biochip technology. These biochips translate antibody-antigen binding events from samples into an electronic signal, successfully combining rapid disease diagnosis with inbuilt wireless connectivity.

At Medica 2013 OJ-Bio will be demonstrating the latest advances in this technology by showcasing its new ‘next generation’ results reading device for the accurate and rapid detection of common respiratory viruses, including the influenza A and B viruses and Respiratory Synctyial Virus (RSV).

The fully functional handheld pilot device has been developed for large-scale clinical trials for these disease markers, with the associated electronic storage and wireless transmission of results making it ideal for remote use and near-patient testing.

As well as respiratory diseases, OJ-Bio is currently involved in clinical development programmes for the point of care diagnosis of HIV and peridontal gum disease. In addition, existing immunoassays for other infectious diseases can be easily transferred to the OJ Bio platform giving it the potential for use in a wide pharmaceutical, animal health, environmental and consumer diagnostic applications.

The company’s advanced technology is now ready for final development into reliable and cost-effective point of care diagnostic sensors and approaches are welcome from organisations with an interest in partnering or licensing the technology.

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Source: OJBio Ltd.

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