has published a report on Advamed’s response to the Obama reforms has published a report on Advamed’s response to the Obama reforms. The article reports that; “Several medical device executives speaking at the annual meeting of AdvaMed in Washington told attendees that various provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will limit physicians’ clinical decision-making authority in several important ways.”

“What concerns me is that they are going to take away choice from physicians,” Caroll Neubauer, chairman and CEO of B. Braun Medical, said. “I am afraid that bureaucrats are going to decide what is a good product and what is not a good product versus the physician sitting in front of a patient and deciding that ‘For this patient I think product A is better than product B.’”

medlatest’s scratched record department isn’t too surprised to hear any of this, and would probably have looked a bit shocked if the American Medical Device Manufacturer’s industry body had embraced the idea of the clinicians with whom they engage on a daily basis would wield decreasing decision making power. Nonetheless even the most impartial observer would have to agree that a fisherman is better able to choose his tackle than his accountant is.

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Source:, medlatest staff

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