Obsoleting Power Cords with Cordless Recharging System for Medical Carts

Specialized power solutions company Astrodyne TDI, is promising to render obsolete power cords with its wall docking system that converts medical carts and vital sign monitors into cord-free chargeable devices.


Once over, the medical environment was a hazardous place where cables stretching from power sockets to innumerable devices seemed to shout “trip me” to anyone daring to move during a procedure. In many settings those days are gone, overhead gantries having largely replaced trailing wires. Nonetheless there remain plenty of occasions where so-called portable devices such as vital signs monitors require plugging in. MediParc, a sort-of docking station for trolleys, eliminates power cords from rechargeable mobile medical devices, removing trip hazards and the need to bend down and plug cabling in.

MediParc is a patented pending technology that the company says is ideal for use with a variety of portable devices including vital sign monitors, ultrasound machines, hospital beds and electrical stretchers, as well as other medical devices that require a more user friendly solution for battery charging. Its design adapts to both OEM and after market applications.

MediParc’s wall mount features a 12″ wide by 3.5″ deep connection for safe and flexible docking that easily adapts to a building’s existing infrastructure. The system is rated for 10 A at 125 V and offers an integrated GFCI for added safety.

Three different configurations include a metal raceway installation where the wall mount is connected to an outlet outside the wall; through the wall installation having all wiring for the wall mount hidden behind the wall; or as part of a new electrical installation.

The MediParc system is designed to comply with UL498, and integrate into UL60601-3rd Ed mobile powered carts.

Company comments

Joe DeLuca, vice president marketing and sales, Astrodyne TDI said, “With MediParc’s revolutionary design, the charging process is activated by simply pushing a cart or a vital sign monitor against a wall and engaging it into the docking station. That’s it. No fuss.”

“Oftentimes, with the hustle and bustle of the healthcare environment, the task of plugging an AC line cord into a wall outlet is overlooked. This not only limits the cart’s operational time, but may render it inoperable because there is no battery power left. The MediParc system solves this problem,” said DeLuca.

Source: PR Newswire


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