Professional Actors Used To Help Patients Understand Health Information

Experience shows that health, disability, literacy and language can get in the way of patients absorbing important health information. Yet health information is a vital part of aiding recovery and managing long-term conditions as well as reducing demands on costly services. The ideal is to have available the many means of communicating to a client in a manner that makes a positive impact to their ability to understand.

Sound recordings are an excellent tool for those who may suffer from some restriction, for example, be visually impaired. The “Tell me about” CDs are very different from the recording of patient printed materials. Using professional actors, each is an originally scripted dialogue or presentation, similar to a radio programme, taking the patient through key areas they need to understand about their medical condition.

Patients who have used audio recordings comment that the CD has been a good way of remembering the large amount of new information they have been given. The “Tell me about” series with completed CD recordings is available at very reasonable cost for Heart Conditions, Diabetes, and COPD. (Other conditions are in the pipeline). For further information such as productions in different languages and ordering is available at or by ringing (UK) 0845 257 2154.

Source: em-online

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