Will Renal Denervation Jury Reach Verdict?

In this week’s View from the Med, our editor lets off steam about the current in/out debate that is polarising the UK with respect to its membership of the European Union. And he draws parallels with the ongoing renal denervation situation, another one in which there is probably no right answer, but little room for sitting on the fence. Either it works in reducing treatment-resistant hypertension, or it doesn’t, so the argument goes. But it could of course be that the therapy remains viable, even in the face of less than wholehearted clinical study support, for certain indications and certain patients.

Either way, the therapy, approved for use in Europe, has left a bit of egg on the face of regulatory bodies, with their clinical bar being exposed as too low by the FDA requirement that spawned the evidence that is now calling an entire new branch of medtech into question.

Read this week’s View from the Med here.

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