Sheffield healthcare company delivers world’s first biodegradable oesophageal stent

A Yorkshire based company supplying the world’s first biodegradable oesophageal stent attended a global conference in the Czech Republic last month to discuss the revolutionary technology that will reduce costs, prevent discomfort and cut infection.

The technology is called the The BD Stent, and is biodegradable meaning that is dissolves in 11-12 weeks, similar technology to that of dissolvable sutures. Normal use of the BD Stent is for treating narrowing and tightening of the oesophagus, which up until now has traditionally been treated by balloon dilatation – where a balloon is inserted into the patient’s throat and inflated to dilate the oesophagus.

This often uncomfortable balloon dilation procedure has to be repeated each time the oesophagus contracts, causing a lot of discomfort for the patient and also necessitating repeat admission to hospital creating added cost to the NHS.

UK Medical were amongst doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world discussing how one of their ground-breaking products can be used. Mr Ian Aaron, Managing Director of UK Medical, said: “After visiting this conference our team heard so much positive feedback about the BD Stent, it’s a very impressive piece of technology that provides real benefit to the patient, as well as providing long term cost savings to the NHS.

“The BD Stent fits UK Medical’s product range perfectly, we never lose sight of the human story at the heart of every request for medical products and we put customers and patients first.”

The BD Stent can reduce costs, prevents discomfort and originates from UK Medical’s partner organisation Ella based in the Czech Republic.

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