Smartphone Diagnostics Aim to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use

Europe’s annual medical device-fest, Medica, is upon us. This year sees OJ-Bio Ltd. showcasing its advanced smartphone-enabled medical device technology for the rapid and cost-effective detection of infectious diseases.


The UK-based OJ-Bio Ltd. will be demonstrating its point of care diagnostic testing device Xtalline that uses specially developed biosensors to identify the presence of various diseases in patient samples, with the results of the tests being displayed on a mobile phone app or healthcare systems.

The device brings together state-of-the-art electronics from Japan Radio Company and cutting-edge nanobiotechnology of Orla Protein Technologies, these two being OJ-Bio’s parent companies.

The OJ-Bio platform allows the detection of any protein biomarkers, meaning the healthcare application areas for the technology are very broad. A lead application for the device is the detection of C-reactive protein (CRP) – a protein biomarker of inflammatory disease, which has been proposed as an effective control tool in the reduction of the inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics. Additionally, products for other applications including periodontal disease, flu and HIV are in the pipeline.

Being purely electronics, no complicated equipment is needed for the analysis. The surface acoustic wave chips, normally found for a different purpose in mobile phones and other electronic devices, are converted into biosensors. Coating them with proteins gives them highly specific responses when coming into contact with samples containing disease biomarkers. When samples, such as saliva, urine, or blood, are applied to the disposable biochip, the target biomarker binds to the specific capture proteins on the chip surface. An electronic signal is then translated into a test result displayed on a mobile phone app.

The portability and low training and maintenance requirements allow testing and monitoring to be undertaken by anyone anywhere. Xtalline is not only the ideal device for professionals, but also individuals. Reliable early diagnosis using the device will empower patients to gain access to treatment and improve their health and wellbeing.

As part of the ‘Internet of Things in Healthcare’ section of the Medica Connected Health Forum, Dr Dale Athey, chief executive of OJ-Bio, will be providing more details of Xtalline, the technology and its great potential. Dr Athey’s presentation will take place at 3.00pm on Thursday, 19 November. More here.

Source: OJ-Bio Ltd.

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