Transition of Arizant Temperature Management Products To 3M Branding Confirms Integration Is Well On Track

Arizant Healthcare Inc., was acquired by 3M Company in October 2010. The integration of the trusted Arizant patient warming products into the 3M Infection Prevention portfolio means customers will now benefit from an extensive range of infection prevention solutions for optimum pre-, intra- and post-operative patient care. This is backed by a broad range of clinical studies and educational support, together with the combined knowledge, reputation and commitment to the customer of both organisations.

As part of the transition, patient warming products will now be marketed as 3M™ Bair Hugger™ therapy, 3M™ Ranger™ blood and fluid warming systems and 3M™ Bair Paws™ system. You will begin to see changes to product packaging, labelling, instructions for use leaflets, operator’s manuals and cartons for these products over the coming months.

There are no changes to the products nor their instructions for use — only the packaging and associated information materials are being revised to include 3M references.

Primary changes include:
Addition of the 3M logo

The addition of country-specific indicators such as:
Revised trademark language and added references regarding 3M’s acquisition of Arizant: “Arizant Healthcare Inc., a 3M company”

Revisions to the layouts (e.g. text position) to accommodate the above changes
In the future, through combining Arizant’s expertise as an innovator in temperature management with 3M’s worldwide resources and deep technology expertise, the company expects to deliver “new to the world” products to help prevent perioperative hypothermia in support of its global mission of reducing healthcare associated infections.

UK customers with any questions regarding the change to packaging and labelling information or in relation to the transition, should contact Customer Services on 01924 200550

Source: Arizant UK Ltd

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