FDA Clears GE Healthcare’s Brivo Plus imaging C-arm

GE Healthcare has gained FDA 510(k) clearance for its latest Brivo Plus C-arm, which is now available in the US.

The pitch for the newly cleared device is that with its legacy of OEC image quality and ease-of-use, the affordability and reliability of this new Brivo C-arm will offer a high quality, economically attractive option for basic surgical imaging.


For more than four decades, GE Healthcare has been a player in the delivery of high-quality, innovative technologies in the mobile surgical C-arm field.

The newly cleared point and shoot Brivo Plus C-arm has automated features that GE says deliver quality imaging at a clinician’s fingertips, enabling optimal image acquisition with fewer re-takes. With new advancements in steering and lightweight construction, the C-arm’s compact design makes it easy to guide into space-constrained operating or procedure rooms. Brivo’s seamless connectivity and easy data management can help clinicians boost productivity, including the use of wireless capabilities to ensure the fast transfer and protection of data.

GE describes Brivo Plus as the first C-arm from OEC’s Brivo line designed for the needs of US customers. It utilizes enhancements and extras such as Advanced Clear Intelligence imaging, an intuitive user interface, and wireless connectivity, to give surgical teams the image quality and easy-to-use technology.

Company comments

“We’re thrilled to bring our line of Brivo C-arms to the US with the new OEC Brivo Plus,” said Jim Corrigan, President & CEO of GE Healthcare Surgery. “The C-arm offers an affordable solution without sacrificing the technology and innovation OEC is known for. With its compact design and easy maneuverability, the OEC Brivo Plus is a great option for our customers in surgery centers and facilities that need an easy-to-use, accurate mobile C-arm.”

Source: GE Healthcare, Business Wire