Cook Medical Says Biodesign® Dural Substitute is Ideal CSF Leak Solution

Cook Medical’s Biodesign® Duraplasty Graft is the latest Biodesign product from Cook Medical’s Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) clinical division. Developed for use in the watertight closure of skull-base dural defects the material is natural in origin and, says Cook, capable of being remodeled by the body to result in string, well-vascularised tissue.


Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leakage is an occupational hazard in skull base surgery and can occur as a result of trauma or even spontaneously. CSF leakage has serious patient consequences, including a propensity for infection, and therefore has a clearly indicated need of repair. Cook Medical has launched its Biodesign Duraplasty dural substitute graft as a new treatment option for otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists) who repair the dura mater following skull base CSF leaks at the base of the skull.

Cook Medical points out that its Biodesign graft is easy to manipulate during surgery because it doesn’t swell when hydrated and doesn’t fold onto itself. The graft can be placed with or without sutures and can achieve a strong seal, so it provides a well-balanced treatment option for dura mater repair at the skull base. Another benefit of Biodesign is that it reduces the need to harvest tissue from other parts of the body for use in the repair.

Physician comments

“I started using Biodesign because I found it easier to handle during the endoscopic repair than competing products,” said Bradford A. Woodworth, M.D., director of otolaryngology research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a paid consultant to Cook Medical in a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in which he evaluated the new device. “Although not directly measured, [I] feel it contributes to faster graft placement and increased operative speed.”

“Biodesign’s proven tissue repair technology works in different grafting procedures,” said Thomas Cherry, R.N., OHNS global clinical division leader for Cook Medical. “We’re excited to introduce the device to otolaryngologists and expand OHNS’s Biodesign line. Because of Biodesign’s excellent handling characteristics, physicians can secure the Biodesign graft during skull-base dura mater reconstruction with or without suturing.”

Source: Cook Medical

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