Integra Says Adherus Sealant Wilfully Infringes

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation says it has filed a lawsuit alleging that HyperBranch’s Adherus Autospray Dural Sealant, Adherus Dural Sealant, and Adherus Spinal Sealant infringe patents that Integra licenses from Incept LLC.


First CE marked in 2009, with various indications and preparations subsequently cleared, Adherus is another one of those polymerising hydrogel sealants seen in surgical use these days. For its part, Integra acquired Duraseal, the most established neurosurgical hydrogel sealant, from Covidien a couple of years ago, and it is this product, originally developed by Incept LLC, that the patent hoo haa relates to.

The lawsuit, brought against Hyperbranch Medical Technology, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware,¬†contends that a number of U.S. Patents relating variously to hydrogel polymers used in its sealants are infringed by HyperBranch’s Adherus products.

Not only does the lawsuit ask the court to enjoin HyperBranch from continuing to make, sell, and offer to sell the Adherus products, it also asks for treble damages to be granted on the basis that Hyperbranch has wilfully infringed the intellectual property protection in question.

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Source: Globe Newswire

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