Mazor Robotics to Launch New Renaissance® Brain Module at AANS

This weekend sees the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual meeting, starting April 5, 2014. Mazor Robotics is using the occasion to debut and officially launch the new Renaissance Guidance System brain module, which it says is FDA-cleared for both spine and brain surgery.


Mazor Robotics dedicates itself to the development and marketing of an innovative surgical guidance system for spine and brain surgery, together with complementary products that provide a safer environment for patients, surgeons, and operating room staff. The company’s Renaissance Guidance System aims to enable surgeons to conduct procedures in a more accurate and secure manner. To date, Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System has been used to place over 45,000 implants in thousands of spine procedures worldwide.

The Renaissance brain module utilizes a small, frameless platform with only three points of fixation to provide highly accurate access to the areas of the brain where intervention is needed. This helps to minimize incisions and scarring while providing surgeons with a full 360 degree working volume to change trajectories with ease.

Physician comments

Dr. Bradley Wallace of Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Fla. performed the first bilateral procedure with Renaissance in December of last year. “With the Renaissance system, we’ve preplanned those trajectories and it’s simply a matter of pushing a button and redirecting the guidance unit to the new trajectories,” said Dr. Wallace. “There is also a patient comfort component: the patient is awake for a portion of the surgery, so not being fixed to the bed and being able to move a little bit is an advantage.”

Source: Mazor Robotics, Business Wire


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