No More “Just Put Your Finger On This” As Ethicon Launches What It Calls A “Knotless Tissue Control Device”

In short

J&J division Ethicon, Inc., has followed Covidien into the barbed suture market with the launch of its new portfolio of Stratafix™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices. The idea is that barbed sutures offer significantly more points of fixation than traditional sutures, giving surgeons more consistent control over every pass (through the tissue), and combining the strength and security of interrupted closure with the efficiency of continuous closure.


For over a century, Ethicon has led technology advancements in surgical sutures and wound-closure devices. And while it may claim to be staying at the forefront with devices like Stratafix, the reality is that Covidien rather got there first with its own barbed offerings. Like the Covidien product, anchors running along the length of the device prevent it from loosening, making it easier for surgeons to control tension and maintain approximation, without assistance. The anchors also eliminate the need to tie knots, removing the possibility of knot-related complications and allowing surgeons to operate more efficiently.

Stratafix™ Devices allow surgeons to close wounds substantially faster than when using an interrupted technique. While the company claims that means patients require less time under anaesthesia, the reality is that it just makes their life easier.

Company comments

“The STRATAFIX™ portfolio paves the way for the development of entirely new surgical approaches that will transform the surgeon’s tissue repair and restoration experience, representing the future of wound closure,” says Tim Schmid, President, U.S. at Ethicon. “This product launch demonstrates our commitment to making investments in technology that will advance surgery. By utilizing Ethicon’s global reach and partnerships, we can bring the benefits of barbed suturing technology to more patients than previously possible.”

Source: Ethicon, PR Newswire