Bausch + Lomb Secures 3-D Surgical Navigation Technology Exclusive for Cataract Surgery

A household name in eye health, Bausch + Lomb has announced it has entered into an exclusive license agreement for a three-dimensional surgical navigation technology, the Cirle Surgical Navigation System, from Cirle, Inc., a medical technology incubator based in Miami, Fla.


Bausch + Lomb has agreed to license Cirle’s Surgical Navigation System to pursue commercialization for cataract surgery. This technology system is the result of the cutting-edge research collaboration between Bausch + Lomb and Cirle to develop new technologies that help fill the unmet needs of the eye health community and the patients they serve. Bausch + Lomb first announced its partnership with Cirle back in late 2012 in order to bring together the experience and expertise of some of the world’s leading eye health experts, medical researchers and Bausch + Lomb’s global business and commercial capabilities.

Company comments

for Bausch + Lomb

“Bausch + Lomb is immensely proud to have an opportunity to partner with Cirle on the commercialization of this exciting technology,” said Cal Roberts, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Bausch + Lomb. “The Cirle Surgical Navigation System will be an important addition to ophthalmic operating rooms, which we believe will help us obtain a leading position in this market category.”

 for Cirle

“It’s very exciting to see how rapidly this technology has reached this stage of development, a testament to the productivity of industry-incubator collaborations like the unique partnership we have with Bausch + Lomb today,” said Richard Awdeh, M.D., founder and CEO, Cirle. “The era of digital surgery is upon us. Cirle has been building capabilities and expertise in this area to deliver a broad array of advanced solutions to physicians. As a surgeon myself, it’s been rewarding to work at the intersection of technology and healthcare, and to help guide our product development efforts to address the evolving needs of the surgeons that I know so well. We have built an internal team, including many specialty engineers, who are solely focused on solving unmet medical needs through technology, in this case digital surgical navigation, and we do this through partnerships with world-class commercial outfits who license and commercialize jointly in certain fields of use with Cirle.”

Source: Bausch + Lomb, Business Wire

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