BioLight and Ora, Inc. Expand Collaboration on TeaRx™ Dry Eye Syndrome Test

Israel’s BioLight Life Sciences Investments invests in, manages and commercializes biomedical innovations in ophthalmology and cancer diagnostics. The company tells us about one of its collaborations, with Ora, Inc., which is targeting a diagnostic test for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).


DES is a common disorder of the ocular surface in which the eye produces insufficient tears or tears with abnormal composition. In its mild to moderate forms, DES causes pain and discomfort, and can impact vision quality and the ability to go about daily activities. In its more severe forms, DES can lead to the permanent loss of vision.

BioLight’s relationship with Ora, Inc., a world-leading independent, full-service ophthalmic contract research organization and product development firm, will see the companies work together to advance the clinical, regulatory and commercial development of BioLight’s TeaRx™ multi-parameter diagnostic test for DES. We covered this product earlier in the year when BioLight subsidiary DiagnosTear Ltd. unveiled its clinical findings.

The newly expanded agreement between Biolight and Ora will see them jointly fund a clinical study and other activities required to obtain U.S. FDA 510(k) regulatory clearance for the TeaRx™ multi-parameter diagnostic test for DES. BioLight also granted Ora the right to incorporate the TeaRx™ test in other clinical trials sponsored by third parties and performed by Ora.

Company comments

“We are proud to be working with a world-leading organization like Ora and are confident that, with their support, we will be able to maximize the TearRX™ opportunity. This collaboration represents a vote of confidence in our TeaRx™ multi-parameter diagnostic test as a novel solution for pharmaceutical companies that will succefuly enble and lead to the development of new therapies to treat the DES, as well as additional companion diagnostic tools,” commented BioLight’s Chief Executive Officer, Suzana Nahum Zilberberg.

“While there have been a number of advances in our understanding of DES over the past few decades, there is no question that significant unmet medical need remains,” said Ora’s Vice President, Dry Eye, George Ousler. “TeaRx™ is a simple, accurate and objective test that can not only help identify those suffering from DES, but also the underlying causes of their disease. As such, we believe it has great potential in both the companion diagnostics and research tool markets.”

Source: BioLight Life Sciences Ltd.

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