FDA Clears CenterVue’s EIDON Fully-Automated Retinal Imaging System

The FDA has cleared Centervue’s EIDON true-color confocal scanner. EIDON is the first, fully-automated retinal imaging system available in the global eye care market that combines the advantages of confocal scanning with true-color imaging capabilities.


Italy based device company CenterVue, Inc., says it is  a world leader in eye disease prevention using innovative imaging technologies. CenterVue develops diagnostic systems for the early detection of sight-threatening pathologies, such as Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration.

EIDON’s white-light, confocal imaging technology facilitates diagnosis and management of retinal disease. The combination of confocal imaging and white light illumination provides claimed greater contrast and superior image quality than that achievable with a traditional fundus camera.

The company says the retinal appearance with the EIDON scanner’s white-light source is the same as that achieved with white-light, direct observational techniques.

EIDON’s optics allow imaging of the central retina as well as the periphery, over a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees, while its multiple imaging modalities – true-color, red-free, and infrared – provide information concerning different layers of the retina.

EIDON streamlines image acquisition and ensures minimum operator involvement by automatically aligning the patient’s pupil, focusing on the retina, and capturing images using a soft light source. EIDON can be used automatically or manually, with or without pupil dilation. It is operated via a dedicated software application as a standalone unit by means of a high-resolution multi-touch tablet.

Physician comments

Professor Giovanni Staurenghi, Eye Clinic Director at the University of Milano and Sacco Hospital, commented: “EIDON’s combination of white illumination with confocal imaging provides better image quality. The confocal aperture provides sharp visualization of detail. Confocal white light technology allows us to obtain real color images through a small pupil. The infrared light images detect what the human eye is not able to see. What once was a dream, is now a reality!”

Company comments

“We are excited to launch EIDON as a breakthrough innovation in retinal imaging,” commented William Burnham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CenterVue, Inc. “Eye Care Practitioners will be impressed with its sophisticated imaging capabilities and versatile clinical utility.”

Source:CenterVue, Inc., Business Wire

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