It’s AAOS Week, the Biggest Week in the Global Orthopaedic Calendar

If you’ve never attended the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, New Orleans is probably one of the better venues to choose for your first visit. The event is, after all, supposed to provide a mixture of great science and social interaction. Bourbon Street definitely provides the latter, offering the slightly incongruous sight of thousands of the world’s top orthopaedic specialists, relaxing after a long day bashing the exhibit halls or crowding into the more popular presentations, discussions or workshops.

To say that AAOS is a big meeting is an understatement. While unsure of this year’s projected attendance figures, it used to be something like 13000 medical professionals and double that number of company folk on well over 500 commercial exhibits. Staggering stuff.

We’ll be providing updates on activity at the AAOS meeting, fed by the news releases issued by the companies in attendance as well as many who choose not to spend their marketing budget there, but like to enjoy the halo effect of our annual focus on orthopaedics.

Advice for anyone attending the AAOS annual meeting in New Orleans this week? Take comfortable shoes and don’t plan much for next weekend. It’s a big week, a celebration of orthopaedic surgery and associated technological advancement. You’ll walk miles. Your eyelids will droop through one too many presentations, but you’ll come away glad you went.

AAOS homepage here.

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