Can Laparoscopy Concepts Work In Hip Arthroscopy?

In short

UK based minimally invasive surgery (MIS) device company Surgical Innovations (SI) chose last week’s International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) meeting in Boston, at which to showcase its pre-production hip arthroscopy products.


Hip Arthroscopy is a new specialism for Surgical Innovations, hitherto better known for its laparoscopic products. Indeed it’s ideas from the company’s existing range that have formed the basis for a raft of devices which the company hopes will help it carve a niche in the developing hip arthroscopy specialty.

In what might be considered a bold move, the company did a little overt market testing by showing its concepts at ISHA. The result was reportedly encouraging, SI concluding that ideas from its portfolio of laparoscopic instrumentation can potentially make the leap from the abdomen to the hip and presumably other joints, the goal being to give surgeons improved access, safety and visualisation during surgical procedures.

The technology and intellectual property used in SI’s port access system and retraction devices created substantial interest from the international surgeons, with many keen to work with the company to develop the prototypes further and offer clinical feedback over the coming months.

The consensus among surgeons was that new innovative instrumentation was needed in the hip arthroscopic market to respond to the growing development of the specialism, something which SI believes it is ideally placed to provide. The feedback from the congress has also highlighted new product opportunities that will ultimately increase the effectiveness and safety of the procedure itself.

Notably though the company has remained a little coy in its press release about what its range and plans entail, no doubt keenly aware of the risk of early disclosure and therefore keeping at least some of its powder dry.

Company comments

Graham Bowland, CEO of SI said: “It was promising to see the high number and international diversity of surgeons in attendance at ISHA. It is clear there is a passion to drive forward the hip arthroscopy discipline as a key method of treatment for various forms of hip repair.”

“We believe the technology transfer from our laparoscopic instrumentation into hip arthroscopy is well-placed to overcome the challenges hip arthroscopy specialists are facing, and with our in-house design and manufacture teams, SI can rapidly bring innovative products through from concept to ultimate clinical use. SI is proud to be a part of this exciting new surgical discipline.”

Physician comments

Leading UK hip arthroscopy surgeon, Sion Glyn Jones, said: “hip arthroscopy has already demonstrated an exponential rise in the UK (450%), statistics that were presented at the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) earlier in the year. Over the next few years this rise is expected to continue as improvements in technology are made, more surgeons adopt hip arthroscopy practices and patient demand increases. It is arguably the most rapidly growing field in orthopedic surgery.”

Source: Surgical Innovations PLC