Surgical Innovations Hip Arthroscopy Access System Test

MIS device company Surgical Innovations Group plc (SI), has for a while been developing its own hip arthroscopy access system. Now it has got as far as pilot testing in a cadaveric model and declared the test a success.


The pilot testing for hip arthroscopy took place in Oxford and was overseen by one of SI’s hip arthroscopy clinical advisory board (CAB) members. While they’re not saying what the test entailed nor releasing any data from it, both the Company and the CAB member have declared themselves pleased with the promising results produced from the test. The Company will continue to develop, modify and improve the port access system now the core functionalities have been demonstrated. SI intends to run a second cadaver with a wider group of surgeons to test refined pre-production prototypes.

SI says it plans to attend the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (‘ISHA’) taking place in Munich in October 2013 which it hopes will provide the opportunity to meet surgeons with a common interest in the new device.

Company comments

Graham Bowland, Chief Executive Officer for Surgical Innovations, said: “I am pleased to announce that the Company’s first pilot test for hip arthroscopy was such a success. With hip arthroscopy believed to be the fastest growing area within orthopaedic surgery SI is positioning itself to service the increasing demand for the required high quality, cost-effective instrumentation.”

Source: Surgical Innovations Group plc.