Exactech Broadens Equinoxe® Shoulder System with New Resurfacing Humeral Head

Exactech, Inc., a developer and producer of bone and joint restoration products for hip, knee, shoulder, spine and biologic materials, has taken the opportunity presented by this week’s AAOS meeting to announce successful first surgeries using its new Equinoxe® Resurfacing Humeral Head.


Expanding Exactech’s Equinoxe® Platform Shoulder System, the new Equinoxe® Resurfacing Humeral Head utilises low-profile instrumentation designed to facilitate seamless transitions between surgical steps; the anatomic sizing of the device is designed to prevent overstuffing of the joint and aid in restoring the patient’s own unique humeral head anatomy.

Exactech designed the Resurfacing Humeral Head in collaboration with surgeon consultants including Pierre-Henri Flurin, MD, Curtis Noel, MD, Felix “Buddy” Savoie, MD, Ryan Simovitch, MD, Thomas W. Wright, MD, and Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD.

Implanting physician/inventor comments

After completing the first surgery, Curtis Noel, MD, said, “This case was smooth and surgeon friendly. We all agreed that it was important to design an implant that would easily adapt to most any anatomy, including difficult deformities, and it accomplished that goal today. We designed a system of humeral heads to minimize the amount of humeral reaming and added initial biologic fixation while being ever mindful to keep it revision friendly.”

Ryan Simovitch, MD, added, “Because each patient has unique pathology and anatomy, precision is critical when resurfacing the shoulder. This is why we developed a system that allows all steps — from bone preparation to prosthetic implantation — to be performed over a single threaded guide-wire, thus minimizing the risk of malpositioning. This new device will transform how I treat challenging deformities and younger arthritic patients.”

Buddy Savoie, MD, offered, “I implanted the prosthesis through the rotator interval without ever violating the integrity of the subscapularis, and it was a quick, efficient procedure. The modular design and low-profile instrumentation facilitated implantation through a cuff-preserving approach, leaving the subscapularis essentially intact. Having a new surgical option to treat younger arthritic patients with a less invasive approach may lead to speedier recovery and quicker rehab for more active patients.”

Company comments

“The Resurfacing Head broadens the Equinoxe shoulder line and gives surgeons the ability to address the continuum of care for shoulder arthroplasty – from early intervention to the most complex revisions. Having a complete shoulder system also creates contractual advantages with hospital systems around the world and should help us maintain our status as the fastest growing shoulder system,” said Darin Johnson, VP of Marketing, Extremities and Hips, at Exactech.

Source: Exactech, Inc., Business Wire

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