Tornier’s “Highlight” Products And Education Programs At AAOS Meeting

In short

It’s good to see companies making the world aware of their offerings… AAOS is the one place to launch your orthopaedic products each year, so why not use online vehicles to make your presence felt. Tornier are choosing to promote a number of products which are only available on a limited basis in USA, reinforcing a couple of well worn points: Firstly USA regulatory hurdles are higher and secondly AAOS is a global showcase with thousands of non Americans present, so why not?

In its news release, “orthopaedic extremity specialist company Tornier has announced it will highlight a range of products and patient education programs at the AAOS 2012 meeting being held February 8-12 in San Francisco, CA”… yes we know, we’d heard.

So what’s on show?

The highlighted products and education programs represent each of Tornier’s extremity categories including upper Extremity, lower extremity, and sports medicine and biologics. The products and programs to be highlighted at the AAOS include new products, recently launched or enhanced product lines, and new patient education programs as follows:

The Aequalis™ Ascend™ Shoulder, launched last year, is Tornier’s pioneering minimally invasive shoulder joint replacement system featuring an innovative stem that has been designed to minimize bone loss and provide an anatomic fit. The Ascend Shoulder platform is early in its product cycle with several important market expanding product opportunities already being evaluated.

The Latitude® II Total Elbow System, in limited release in the U.S., offers procedure simplifying instrumentation and new device sizes to expand the clinical utility for revisions and fracture surgery. The Latitude Elbow has been a leader in the elbow joint replacement market based on its ability to restore the natural kinematics of the elbow.

The RFS™ Cannulated Screw System, in limited release in the U.S., is a new delivery system for the Company’s RFS (Resorbable Fixation System) line for the repair of fractures and other bone disorders of the foot. The new cannulated version provides surgeons an option to deploy the RFS screw using a guide wire for improved precision and simplified delivery. The RFS material technology features auto-compression that causes the screw to contract in length while expanding in diameter in hydrolytic conditions, providing sustained compression during bone healing.

The Insite™ FT Anchor Family, in full release in the U.S., is Tornier’s next generation of screw-in suture anchors for the repair of rotator cuff injuries. The new Insite FT product line features the patented Easy Glide™ independent suture eyelets that reduce suture friction, and a fully threaded body to enhance bone fixation. The product family includes both titanium and PEEK anchors, and will complement Tornier’s innovative Piton™ bone anchor product line.

The Duo™ Soft Tissue Fixation System, in limited release in the U.S., is world’s first convertible soft-tissue anchor that can be used in either a tied or knotless fashion for shoulder instability repair, rotator cuff repair, and other soft tissue applications. The Duo features Tornier’s patented Cinch™ knotless technology that enables surgeons to adjust the suture tension even after the insertion device is removed.

The ArthroPass™ Suture Passer, in limited release in the U.S., is a full-featured suture passer that can be used in nearly every rotator cuff case. The ArthroPass was developed based on extensive surgeon feedback to provide ideal ergonomics while providing the necessary features of ratcheting jaws, efficient tissue grasping, and consistent and reliable suture passing.

The SoloStitch™ Graft Preparation Kit, in limited release in the U.S., is a unique system of templates and tools specifically designed to assist the surgeon in preparing the Conexa™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix for arthroscopic application in rotator cuff surgery. The SoloStitch kit represents the next evolution of arthroscopic graft placement surgical techniques developed in a multi-year collaboration with a core team of sports medicine surgeons.

The QuickCell™ Platelet Concentrate System, in limited release in the U.S., is a revolutionary system for preparing concentrated platelets from the patient’s own blood. The QuickCell system is fully disposable and eliminates the need for a centrifuge at the point of care. This new filter-based technology is designed to be simpler to use, require less processing time, and yield a higher quality platelet concentrate than traditional centrifuge based systems.

The LIFT™ and STRIDE™ Patient Education Programs have been developed by Tornier to increase public awareness of treatment options for chronic shoulder and ankle pain. The LIFT™ and STRIDE™ programs, for shoulder and ankle solutions respectively, include a full complement of educational tools for surgeons to provide their patients. The full range of information is available at and Patients can find information including the causes of their condition, treatment options, the surgical procedure, recovery, rehabilitation, and expected outcomes.

Company comments

Doug Kohrs , President and CEO of Tornier, commented, “At this year’s AAOS, we are proud to be highlighting products and patient education programs that evidence Tornier’s commitment to its orthopaedic specialist customers and the unmet clinical needs of their patients. We are especially excited about the five new sports medicine and biologics product introductions that we believe represent a major step toward Tornier’s goal to be a market leader.”

We say

Impressive array of products, only a few of which are widely available in USA so no doubt the company will welcome an international audience.

Source: Tornier