Fixes 4 Kids Inc. Launches New System To Fix Kids Elbows

“The industry has been primarily focused on adults. Fixes 4 Kids represents a new opportunity to focus on the niche paediatric segment of the orthopedic sector.”

In short

Fixes 4 Kids, Inc. has chosen the forthcoming AAOS meeting at which to launch its E-Fix Supracondylar Humerus Fracture Reduction and Pinning System (E-Fix) and E-Thotic perioperative orthosis (E-Thotic).  The company says this is the first system designed to treat supracondylar (distal humerus) fractures in children.


The current approach to treating supracondylar fractures involves manual reduction. This technique carries inherent risks, including impingement of the neurovascular structure (blood vessels and nerves) and possible damage to collateral tissues. The E-Fix system is designed to minimise such risks and reduces further complications such as Cubitus Varus (gunstock elbow), a condition caused by malunion of the broken fragments.

The E-Fix device provides six degrees of freedom in three planes of motion to allow for precise alignment of the fracture. A specially designed pin guidance system allows the surgeon to pin the fractured bone fragment with more control and precision than standard freehand pinning techniques. The E-Thotic, a highly functional and custom orthosis, is used in conjunction with the E-Fix. It supports the upper arm and forearm during the procedure and replaces a traditional cast used to immobilize the arm after reduction.
Physician comments

“The Fixes 4 Kids fracture reduction and pinning system allows the surgeon to provide a consistent and precise reduction for this type of fracture,” said Dr. Mohammad Diab, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics at University of California, San Francisco. “The E-Fix and E-Thotic will change the way orthopedists treat elbow supracondylar fractures.”

Company comments

“Supracondylar fractures, commonly known as a broken elbow, are the most common fracture in children ages three to 12 years old,” said Kurt Vedder, President, CEO and Founder of Fixes 4 Kids. “Approximately 65,000 children in the United States each year are treated for supracondylar fractures. The E-Fix eliminates the current treatment procedure of pulling on a child’s arm when managing complex fractures, which may lead to misalignment and revision procedures.”


Orthopaedic surgical device manufacturer and distributor, Mizuho OSI will distribute the E-Fix and E-Thotic worldwide. As part of the distribution arrangement, Mizuho OSI has also invested in Fixes 4 Kids.

Source: Fixes 4 Kids, Inc., Business Wire