International Flavour For ESSKA, Geneva, May 2nd-5th

In short

The biannual meeting of the European Society of Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) claims to attract the very best orthopaedic sports physicians in Europe and worldwide and is occurring in Geneva from May 2nd to 5th.

In addition to European ESSKA members, speakers will include some of the best surgeons and sports scientists from all around the world.


ESSKA is planning to deliver the best of science in its field at this year’s congress. 250 free papers with podium presentations and more than 500 posters will form the backbone of the event which will focus on state of the art, guidelines and recommendations about “hot” topics, return to play and degenerative problems. There will be 18 Instructional Course Lectures, more than 30 Symposia, Key Note Lectures, Quick Question Lectures, Maxi- and Mini-battles, Interactive sessions and real poster sessions.

Real poster sessions with a “happy hour” format will be organised and video stations will be available throughout the entire meeting to visualise technical tricks and pearls.

Degenerative and upper limb problems will be addressed by specific programmes all through the meeting under the direction of EKA and ULS respectively.

International guests include Freddie Fu (USA), Tim Hewett (USA), Pierre Chambat (France), Johnny Huard (USA), and Jean-Noël Argenson (France) who it is expected will deliver the latest news on basic science, current clinical and surgical methods and some historical perspectives.

ESSKA also welcomes the Ejnar-Eriksson-Lecture speaker, John Feagin from the USA.

The programme  

The congress will feature a full programme on degenerative issues (TKA, Uni, Osteotomy), a one day programme on foot and ankle, two and a half days on shoulder and upper limb pathologies, and special sessions on biology, indications for ACL reconstruction, cartilage, pre-arthritic athlete, hip, and novel therapies presented by the best scientists.

Source: ESSKA