Wright’s Global Launch Of CLAW® II Polyaxial Compression Plating System

In short

Orthopaedic company Wright Medical Group, Inc. has announced the full commercial launch of the CLAW® II Polyaxial Compression Plating System featuring ORTHOLOC™ 3DSi Polyaxial Locking Screw Technology. The system will be available this month in the U.S. through Wright Medical’s foot and ankle sales force, as well as in select countries outside the U.S. through Wright’s direct and distributor-based sales organization.


According to its press release, issued through Business Wire, the CLAW® II system combines the stability and adjustable compression features of the Company’s patent-pending CLAW® plating system with enhanced surgical flexibility afforded by new shape configurations and polyaxial screw positioning.

Clinician comments

“Since 2006, the CLAW® plating system has combined stable, rigid fixation with controlled joint compression, which are essential when performing fusions in the foot and ankle. The advancements offered with the new CLAW® II system, such as variable-angle locking screws and anatomically contoured plates for fusions and osteotomies of the forefoot and midfoot, will enable surgeons to chose the appropriate implants to meet the patient’s unique circumstances,” noted W. Hodges Davis, MD, a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institute in Charlotte, NC.

Company comments

“The CLAW® II Polyaxial Compression Plating System builds upon our successful CHARLOTTE® CLAW® plating system and further expands our market leading foot and ankle product portfolio,” said Robert Palmisano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wright Medical. “We are now able to offer foot and ankle surgeons expanded plate offerings for specific midfoot fusions that utilize our ORTHOLOC™ 3DSi polyaxial technology in a stainless steel compression plate.”

Source: Wright Medical Group Inc, Business Wire