British Breast Implant Maker Sizes Up French Market

A division of GC Aesthetics, Nagor is the only breast implant manufacturer based in Britain. And in a piece of elegant commercial symmetry it has just announced that it is now launching its range in France, no doubt hoping its quality message and reputation will score heavily in the aftermath of a certain other silicone breast manufacturer.


Nagor is a 34 year-old company which ships over 75,000 implants a year from its two UK facilities. In recent times the company has added Spain and Mexico to the list of about 50 countries to which it exports its products. And there is little doubt that much of Nagor’s recent commercial success has resulted from the rebound effect of the PIP scandal, healthcare providers being reassured by the company’s offer of the best warranty available which it says renders them valid for the entirety of the patients’, rather than just the product’s lifetime.

Now Nagor will embark on a French mission, adding its range of implants to the offerings from sister company Eurosilicone. 400 aesthetic specialists are registered in France, where each year some 22,500 breast augmentations are performed. The broad range of Nagor implants means 270 potential combinations of size and profile are available, based on a wide variety of gels and levels of cohesion, in order to offer patients a wide range of aesthetic options.

Making sure we get the quality message, Nagor’s press release tells us all its implants are made from high performance silicone elastomer layers which enhance the integrity of the casing and consist of a single layer 360 that minimizes diffusion of the gel through the casing of the implant. Unlike other manufacturers, virtually all Nagor implants feature inflatable adjusting devices to ensure that the dimensions are correct prior to insertion of the implant, so as to ensure optimum appearance and contour.

Company comments

Nic Steventon , CEO of GC Aesthetics Europe, said:

” We are delighted to offer for the first time our range of products, already in the British market, to France. With over 30 years of experience, Nagor is a reputed brand with surgeons and patients. We are therefore not surprised to see that the demand for our high-quality implants manufactured both in France and the United Kingdom continues to grow worldwide.”

Ayse Kocak , CEO of GC Aesthetics, is the first woman to run a business in this sector since its inception. She said:

” When breast surgery is contemplated, it is essential that patients have a wide choice. Our company is proud to listen and respond to the needs of women. We are not just a manufacturer and marketer of medical devices, but we also help patients to change the way they perceive themselves. I am pleased to present a new perspective as Nagor delivers choice to French women.”

Source: GC Aesthetics, PR Newswire

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