No More “Fat Hacking” As FDA Clears HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System

In short

Andrew Technologies, LLC has received FDA 510 (k) clearance for the commercially manufactured version of the HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System which it claims obviates the need for physicians to hack away at that stubborn lard.


According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery over 2 million liposuction procedures are conducted annually across the globe, a figure large enough (pardon the pun) to put you off your Christmas dinner… or represent a market opportunity…or both.

HydraSolve™ is a novel liposuction device based on patented Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ that was originally launched in 2003 by Alcon as the AquaLase® Liquefaction Device for precision cataract surgery. The system combines natural saline solution with low levels of pressure and temperature, to liquefy only targeted fat tissue. Because fat tissue is liquefied, the cutting of fat by forceful thrusts of the cannula is no longer required.
The specially designed HydraSolve™ cannula is manufactured with aperture edges that have a rounded radius so do not cut tissue. The energised saline stream, inside the cannula, liquefies targeted fat tissue while not damaging or cutting blood vessels, nerves or connective tissue. HydraSolve™ achieves liquefaction of fat tissue by cell disaggregation, not by the lysing of cell membranes.

Andrew Technologies says it will begin commercialisation with a selective launch to pre-identified expert plastic surgeons in the United States in early 2013. This “soft launch” will generate clinical data that will be used to quantify the benefits of HydraSolve™ to be used in future communication with surgeons and with patients seeking aesthetic body contouring. The company intends to expand the launch nationally by mid-2013 and to begin rest of world distribution in 2014.

 Company comments

“The advantages of HydraSolve™ offer the potential for Andrew Technologies to capture a significant share of the market; and to potentially expand the overall demand for liposuction, given its excellent consumer resonance and gentle effect on patients,” stated Tom Albright , CEO of Andrew Technologies.

According to Dr. Mark Andrew, co-inventor and Chief Scientific Officer of Andrew technologies; “HydraSolve™ is the first non-cutting liposuction device, it offers a target-tissue specific method to remove fat tissue and only fat tissue so that collateral damage to non-targeted tissues is reduced and minimized, with the intention of shortening the patient’s post-op recovery period and minimizing his or her pain, swelling and bruising. Additionally, HydraSolve™ provides excellent control and precision in removing fat tissue for surgeons, and it also reduces their physical exertion.”

Source: Andrew Technologies, LLC, PR Newswire