AANS This Weekend: K2M Showcases Its Anterior Cervical Fixation Portfolio

In short

This weekend sees the annual scientific meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons(AANS), which is being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

K2M, Inc., a spinal device company developing innovative solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies and minimally invasive procedures, is showcasing a complete anterior cervical fixation portfolio at the event.


K2M’s portfolio of products has been expanding recently and we’ve covered several news releases, not least the FDA’s clearance of its SANTORINI™ Corpectomy cage.

Another product introduced at the end of 2011 was K2M’s PYRENEES® Translational Cervical Plate System. The plate is characterised by a unidirectional ratchet mechanism at each level to allow for controlled settling of the patient’s anatomy. This system is part of a family of spine products, including PYRENEES Constrained, a low-profile cervical plate system with a 1.5 mm leading edge. Featuring K2M’s revolutionary tifix® Locking Technology, neither product requires an additional locking mechanism, as each screw head forms an autogenic lock to the plate upon insertion.

The latest addition to K2M’s portfolio of constrained and translational cervical plates, the BLUE RIDGE™ Hybrid Cervical Plate System, features a simple to use nitinol locking mechanism that engages seamlessly during screw insertion without additional locking steps. The system also supports fixed and variable screws, providing the flexibility to create constrained, semi-constrained, or hybrid screw constructs.

Clinician comments

According to James Robinson, MD, designing neurosurgeon, “BLUE RIDGE provides incredible ease of use. You don’t feel any resistance as the screw passes the self-locking mechanism and, yet, it’s securely locked. Additionally, the unlocking tool is simple and intuitive.”

Company comments

“With the recent additions of BLUE RIDGE™ Hybrid and PYRENEES® Translational to our product offering, K2M is now able to address all segments of the cervical fixation market and build upon our comprehensive portfolio as a leader in the global spine market,” stated Eric Major, K2M’s President and CEO.

Source: K2M Inc.