Baxano Surgical Launches iO-Tome™ MIS Facetectomy Instrument

It’s Eurospine this week and North American Spine Society congress (NASS) next week. Timely then that MIS lumbar spine device company Baxano Surgical, Inc. has announced the launch of a novel disposable facetectomy instrument called iO-Tome that it says allows surgeons to perform rapid and safe facetectomies when performing certain interbody spinal fusion procedures.


Baxano Surgical currently markets the AxiaLIF family of products for single and two level lower lumbar fusion, the VEO lateral access and interbody fusion system, the iO-Flex system, a proprietary set of flexible instruments used by surgeons during spinal decompression procedures and the iO-Tome instrument, which rapidly and precisely removes bone, specifically the facet joints, which is commonly performed in spinal fusion procedures.

The newly launched iO-Tome device utilizes Baxano’s iO-Flex® technology to deliver a new MicroBlade Shaver® design configured to rapidly and precisely remove the facet joint.

Physician comments

Robert E. Isaacs, MD, a neurosurgeon at Duke University Medical Center, who has been an early evaluator of the instrument, stated “The iO-Tome device has substantially decreased the time I spend performing a facetectomy in my tube-based TLIF procedures.”

Company comments

“After a strong limited market release over the past six months, we are very optimistic about the launch of iO-Tome,” stated Ken Reali, President and CEO of Baxano Surgical. “Strategically iO-Tome fits well with our AxiaLIF® Plus, VEO® and iO-Flex products allowing us to deliver a differentiated and expanded portfolio of products to MIS spine surgeons.”

Source: Baxano Surgical, Inc.