CE Mark For TranS1 VEO™ Minimally Invasive Lateral Access Fusion System

In short

Minimally invasive lumbar spine device company TranS1 Inc., has announced it has received CE mark approval in the European Union to market its VEO™ lateral access fusion system for interbody fusions.


Last December we covered TranS1’s announcement that it was to launch a minimally invasive lateral access fusion system. At the time the system had neither a name nor a CE mark. Now it has both.

According to a press announcement issued through Globe Newswire, the VEO minimally invasive lateral system features an innovative, two-stage retraction method that focuses on nerve visualisation and then controlled retraction. The VEO system is designed for direct visualisation of the psoas muscles and adjacent nerves prior to muscle dissection.

The VEO retractor is complemented by a full range of PEEK lateral interbody implants and a variety of ergonomic instruments. Radiopaque markers are strategically located within the implants to allow proper placement.

Company comments

Ken Reali, President and Chief Executive Officer of TranS1, stated, “We are very pleased to receive the CE Mark for the VEO lateral system. This approval represents a significant milestone for TranS1 and will contribute to our efforts to become a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. We are excited to begin executing on our commercialization strategy in Europe as we enter the third quarter.”

Source: TranS1 Inc., Globe Newswire