Enova Illumination Launches World’s “Newest and Brightest” LED Surgical Headlight

Enova Illumination is celebrating its tenth anniversary and launching a new LED surgical headlight at the same time.


In 2005, when the Enova introduced the Halo LED surgical headlights, LED technology was a new concept for the surgical suite. Over the past 10 years, the company has introduced three series of headlights, seven different headlight models, and two different series of digital batteries.

Enova’s newest headlight is the Cyclops XLT-225, which at 225,000 lux, is the brightest LED surgical headlight now on the market. The XLT-225 illuminates pure white light at 6100 degrees Kelvin for true tissue rendition. It is also one of only two coaxial LED surgical headlights, a feature that lets surgeons adjust the lamp to their individual height and angle of view requirements—and can be used with or without loupes. Coaxial flexibility also reduces stress on the neck and shoulders. An adjustable aperture allows a surgeon to create a spot size as small as 2″ to as large as 5″ in diameter with precision and focus.

Enova says its new headlight is designed to balance perfectly on the surgeon’s head and with its extra thick replaceable foam headband liner is comfortable to wear during long surgeries. This headlight is recommended for surgeons performing cardio-thoracic, deep cavity, general, orthopedic, ortho trauma, neuro, spine, and urology procedures.

Source: PR Newswire

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