K2M Launches SANTORINI® Small Corpectomy Cage at NASS

It’s 18 months since minimally invasive spine technology company K2M, Inc., gained FDA clearance for its Santorini® Corpectomy cage system. Santorini corpectomy cages are designed to address collapsed, damaged, or unstable vertebral bodies resulting from trauma or tumor indications. The company has used this week’s North American Spine Society (NASS) meeting at which to announce another expansion of its global complex spine offering with the launch of the Santorini “Small” Corpectomy Cage System.


“Santorini Small” is one of the few corpectomy products on the market today made of PEEK, allowing for unobstructed views of post-operative fusions and more accurate assessment of tumor recurrence. Offering both expandable and solid cages, the system is an appealing option for use in a variety of surgical techniques. The Santorini Small expandable cages allow surgeons the flexibility to perform in-situ height adjustments, securing the desired height using a locking clip, while the Santorini Small solid cages feature a one-piece PEEK design that offers a smaller overall footprint with an expanded graft space.

Physician comments

According to Charles S. Theofilos, MD, Founder and Director of The Spine Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, “I prefer the SANTORINI Small expandable cage over the other corpectomy cages available on the market. As a product designer, I wanted to develop a strong expandable cage that would be less invasive and less damaging to the endplates when inserted at its minimum height and expanded open. The cage and clip design is in contrast to threaded or ratcheting expandable cages, because the structure of the final assembly resembles a solid implant. Additionally, the all-PEEK construct provides greater visibility of fusion post-operatively compared to titanium cages.”

Company commments

“The launch of the SANTORINI Small Corpectomy Cage System marks another significant addition to our growing product portfolio, providing surgeons with a variety of innovative treatment options,” stated Eric Major, K2M’s President and CEO. “This full launch of SANTORINI Small expands K2M’s trauma and tumor offering and demonstrates our continued commitment to developing products to fill important gaps in the global spine market.”

Source: K2M, Inc.